Speeding Violation

Your Defence to a Speeding Violation in Nsw

Speeding is not limited to driving an automobile. Indeed, a speeding driver may also be one who was riding a bike or motorcycle. Also, an operator may be charged with a speeding offence on (a) a public street, (b) the area that divides a road, (c) a footpath or nature strip next to a road, (d) a public area designed for cyclists or animals, and (e) a public area that is not a road, but is open for the use of the public to drive, ride or park vehicles. If charged, you should find a lawyer able to handle Speeding Offences In Nsw to help defend you.

In addition to speeding, an operator of a vehicle may be charged with (a) alcohol and drug offences, (b) heavy vehicle offences, (c) motorcycle offences, (d) seat belts and child restraints, (e) street racing and other “hoon” offences, (f) uncovered loads, (g) unlicensed driving, (h) unregistered and uninsured vehicles, (i) cell phone offences, and (j) other serious driving offences.

If you are charged with speeding or any other of the above, in order to avoid penalties ranging from small fines to license suspensions or revocation to prison sentences, contact lawyers familiar with Speeding Offences In Nsw to defend you.

Since traffic offences in Australia are typically “strict liability” crimes, where no proof that you intended to commit the crime is required, evidence that can result in a guilty conviction include radar, in-car camera systems, microphones, and statements made by drivers during the stop or after.

One thing lawyers defending you will try to show is that evidence was gained improperly. If this is proven, statements you made and other evidence may be barred from coming into evidence, a factor that will make it far more difficult for the government to prove your case.

Finally, your attorney familiar with Speeding Offences In Nsw will understand that other factors may apply when analysing a potential defence to a speeding violation, such as (a) making sure the police “statement of facts” is accurate (if it is not, you may apply to the magistrate to obtain dismissal of some or all charges) and (b) if you have a legitimate reason for your actions, such as self-defense or escaping a dangerous situation such as a fire or an active shooting scene for your speeding charge, this may serve as a proper defence.

Clearly, a speeding offence may seem simple, but there is a lot involved. This is why there are lawyers familiar with Speeding Offences In Nsw that can help you overcome the burden required to beat these charges.

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