Intervention Program Basics

Traffic Offenders Intervention Program Basics

The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program is a program targeting offenders who have pleaded guilty or have been found guilty of a traffic offence. The basic objective of the program is to provide offenders with the information and necessary skills to develop positive attitudes toward driving and develop better driving habits and behaviours. The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program is regulated under the Criminal Procedure Act 1986. A defendant or the defendant’s legal representative can make an application or the court’s own motion may grant a referral to an approved traffic offenders course provider.

There are two main objectives of the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program, these are:

  1. To provide the offender with the information and skills they need to change their driving behaviour and their attitude towards driving
  2. To develop safer driving behaviour

Therefore, ultimately the Traffic Offender Intervention Program is designed to help offenders realise the seriousness of their conduct and understand fully the obligations that come with sharing the road with other road users. This provides the offender with a responsibility to individuals and to the community and further equips them with skills necessary to avoid committing further traffic offences.

The Traffic Offenders Intervention Programme in NSW is administered through the local courts. If you have applied for participation in a Traffic Offenders Intervention Program or the court ordered your participation it is important that you finish the course. If you are referred to the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program, your case will be adjourned until you have had enough time to complete the course. Thereafter the court will then pass a sentence for your offence.

The benefits that are associated with participating in a traffic offenders program include the following:

  • You will gain useful information to help you be a safer driver
  • Your participation in such a program can encourage the magistrate to be more lenient on you and could get you a lesser penalty or even avoid a criminal conviction (Section 10).
  • For serious driving offences there are serious penalties, for example drug driving NSW, especially for repeat offenders. By participating and completing a traffic offenders program this can reduce or even avoid a period of disqualification from driving or even a prison term in the cases of repeat offenders.
  • By completing the traffic offenders program you are showing the court that you are prepared to make an effort in avoiding a repeat of your mistakes.
  • Upon completion of your traffic offender program you will be awarded a certificate of completion and a report which the magistrate will consider before deciding your sentencing for your case.

A traffic offender program will be most appropriate for someone who:

  • Has committed a traffic offence
  • Has not been sentenced for the offence
  • Wants to participate in the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program

The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program serves as an advantage to the traffic offender in that it equips the offender with the necessary information and skill to become a better driver while it also increases the chances of reducing the offender’s sentence. Seek out traffic offence attorneys for legal advice today.

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