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Are you at risk of losing your driving license? ETB Legal can help you.

Fees for Traffic offences

We have a fixed fee for traffic, drink driving, licensing and all road related offences. We guarantee that you will be represented at court by the Principal Solicitor who is a senior qualified practitioner who has worked throughout NSW.

Traffic offences may be among the most common offences the Local courts in NSW, but that doesn’t mean it is common for you. When you get a traffic violation, you need the best traffic offence lawyers in Sydney—the lawyers you can defend you and get the most favourable outcome for your case. Whether you were caught speeding, drink driving or another serious driving offence, the consequences can be serious. In addition to fines, losing your license can have far reaching impacts on your life—including your job and your assets.

At ETB Legal, our traffic lawyers in Sydney stay up to date with legislation and laws that impact your traffic offence case so that we can help minimise the consequences for you.

Range for prescribed amounts of alcohol for drink drive (known as ‘DUI’) matters in NSW (under the Road Transport Act NSW 2013):

      • Low Range (0.05-0.079) – First offence disqualified from driving from 3-6 months with a fine of $1,100
      • Mid Range (0.08 -0.149) – First offence disqualified from driving from 6-12 months with a fine of $2,200
      • High Range (0.15+) – First offence disqualified from driving from 12 months to 3 years with a fine of $3,300
      • Special Range (0.02 -0.049) – First offence disqualified from driving from 3-6 months with a fine of $1,100*

*these are maximum penalties and are avoidable and discretionary. It is not a certainty that you will receive these penalties. ETB legal provides this as a guide to you. 

Are you a first time offender ? They are penalised by considering a ‘first time offence’ or a ‘second’ or subsequent offence. Please consider your record and the offences of the last 5 years. The police will charge someone with this offence as a ‘first’ offence if you have not committed this offence in the last 5 years. However your  FULL drive/traffic record will be submitted to the court and the Magistrate will see the whole of your record if you enter a plea of guilty or at the time you are sentenced.

Can you be imprisoned for drink driving offences? Yes. A mid range and high range drink driving charge allows a court to consider a period of imprisonment. This can be for a period 9 to 18 months for first time offenders.

Will you have a criminal record? All drink drive matters attract a criminal record ( this is separate to your traffic record) . The only way to avoid this is to seek a section 10 (see below). It is always best to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Section 10, Crimes Sentencing Procedure Act NSW : commonly known as a ‘section 10’. This is a section that allows NSW  matters to be dismissed. You may be in a position to seek a section 10, however a solicitor will need to advise you of your chances for seeking this remedy. Much depends on your record and personal circumstances, character, work situation and need for a license.

Traffic Lawyer In Sydney

Whether you’ve been charged with police pursuit, negligent driving, or you have demerit points, you need a traffic lawyer that has a record of success in defending charges and minimsing fines. You may not even be aware of the possible defences, or how to prepare for the sentencing hearing when a guilty plea is necessary. That’s where ETB Legal comes in.

We are a small law firm that provides you with personalised attention. Our traffic offence lawyers in Sydney will be there for you throughout your case.

Make your traffic lawyer Sydney’s best. No matter what the charge is, NSW-based ETB Legal can to represent you in your traffic offence legal matter, including:

      • Road / Traffic Law
      • RMS (Road & Maritime Services) Matters
      • Drink Driving
      • Speeding Offences
      • Section 10 / bonds, non custodial alternatives
      • Appeals in the District Court NSW and the Court of Criminal Appeal NSW

Sydney Traffic Lawyers Guarantee

Your defence is important to us. Whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, we guarantee that:

      • We will prepare a solid defence and thoroughly ready you for court.
      • We will be honest and respectful, and will make sure we earn your trust.
      • We will disclose our fees in an itemised invoice, and will discus them with you before we engage in the task.
      • We will provide a free initial consult to discuss your case.
      • We will provide 24-hour access and advice directly with your lawyer.

Download the “ TOIP – Traffic Offenders Intervention Program in NSW PDF” here for more information on this program.

Don’t wait another minute to get the legal representation you need. If you have committed a driving infringement call the traffic lawyers in Sydney who can help. Your first conference is free. Call 0412 915 247 today.

Don’t wait another minute to get the legal representation you need. Call the Sydney criminal lawyers who can help. Your first conference is free. Call 0412 915 247 today.