The Best Lawyers for Speeding Offences in NSW

There are hundreds of lawyers and law firms in the NSW area. If you are charged with any speeding offences, it is vital that you contact lawyers experienced with Speeding Offences in NSW to protect your rights. Indeed, according to the Law Society of New South Wales’ National Profile, as of October 2014, there were 66,211 practising solicitors in Australia, with the largest proportion registered in New South Wales (41.6%), followed by Victoria (24.5%) and Queensland (15.7%).

You should never violate traffic laws. But if you are charged with such a crime, there is important information that lawyers knowledgeable with Speeding Offences in NSW will know.

Being charged—and ultimately convicted—of a driving offence can lead to severe consequences including (i) demerit points, (ii) suspension or cancellation of your licence, (iii) fines and penalties and, of course, (iv) prison.

These offences typically include: (i) Alcohol and drug offences (Offences related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and information on the Interlock and Sober Driver Programs); (ii) Heavy vehicle offences (Speeding, over-dimension and other offences applying to heavy vehicle drivers); (iii) Motorcycle offences (Helmet and other offences that apply to motorcycle riders and passengers); (iv) Other serious driving offences (Penalties for the more serious driving offences, including negligent, reckless and furious driving, as well as failing to stop or give assistance in case of an accident); (v) Seat belts and child restraints (Offences and penalties related to seat belts and child restraints); (vi) Speeding (Speeding is the most common contributing factor to road fatalities in NSW. Heavy penalties apply for speeding offences); (vii) Street racing and other ‘hoon’ offences (Tough measures to combat anti-social and dangerous street racing and hoon behaviours, including number plate and vehicle confiscation); (vii) Uncovered loads (Fines apply to uncovered and unsecured loads on NSW roads); (viii) Unlicensed driving (Heavy penalties apply for driving without a licence, or driving a type of vehicle that you’re not licensed for); and (ix) Unregistered and uninsured vehicles (Vehicles on NSW roads must be registered and insured. Fines and demerit points apply for unregistered and/or uninsured vehicles).

Lawyers knowledgeable with Speeding Offences in NSW will know how to best protect you.

In addition to the above, in any criminal charge, make sure the police “statement of facts” is accurate. If not, an application to the magistrate may lead to dismissal of any charges.

Also, if you can show a legitimate reason for your actions, and that without that reason you would not have committed the act, this may serve as a proper defence.

Indeed, in any criminal charge, you should consult experienced lawyers knowledgeable with Speeding Offences in NSW to assist you with drink driving charges to protect the rights of yourself and others.

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