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Speeding Offense Penalties

Speeding is the most common contributing factor to road fatalities in NSW. Speeding offenses in NSW are known to rise during the December holidays. According to the Sydney Morning Herald report dated the 26th December 2016, revealed that infringements in respect of speeding offenses in NSW have increased and gone up by two thousand from the Christmas period of 2015 as a result it sets the 2016 infringements for speeding offenses at eleven thousand.

The newspaper reported that a twenty nine year old man was found to be ‘clocking’ one hundred and sixty six kilometres per hour in a one hundred and ten kilometre per hour zone. The newspaper further, reported that the death toll as a result of road accidents for 2016 in NSW was three hundred and seventy four.

The penalties associated with speeding offenses NSW result when your vehicle is detected by a fixed speed camera, mobile speed camera or Police Officer and then a penalty is issued. This penalty may include a fine and license demerit points. Drivers who fall into the category of Learner license and P1 license holders will be penalized by having their license suspended for at least three months for any speeding offenses.

There are also penalties of license suspension periods for exceeding the speed limit by a specific speed above the limit; for example for exceeding the speed limit by thirty kilometres per hour, this will result in a suspension period of three months and exceeding the speed limit by more than forty five kilometres per hour attracts a license suspension period of six months. The license suspension period is similar to the minimum disqualification period applied by the courts on traffic offenders.

If the police apprehend a driver speeding and over the forty five kilometre per hour mark there is a high chance that the driver’s license will be suspended immediately and confiscated at the roadside for six months. This is similar to what the Sydney Morning Herald reported in its December, 26, 2016 article in respect of a driver who held a learner driver’s license and was stopped for ‘clocking’ one hundred and forty four kilometres per hour.

Police confiscated his license and gave a six month license suspension period and impounded the vehicle for a three month period. The driver further, received infringement notices that amounted to three thousand seven hundred and fifty eight dollars ($3758) for:

  • Speeding
  • Being an unaccompanied learner driver,
  • Not displaying L plates
  • Driving in the right hand lane

In addition to suspension periods speeding offenses also attract the penalty of demerit points being added to the license holder or offenders driving record. In the event the license holder reaches or exceeds their demerit points limit, these points may be used as contributing factors to additional suspension or refusal periods under the Demerit Points Scheme.

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