Is your NSW Drivers license suspended?

What can you do about a license suspension?

If your license is suspended, we advise that you do not drive your vehicle during the period of suspensions as you may be caught by the police and charged with a second or subsequent offence of driving while suspended. The penalty includes being suspended for longer and or risking a record , being declared a habitual offender and risking being off the road from 2- 5 years depending on your record.

Your licence can be revoked from you within 48 hours of committing a offence including excessive speeding ( over 45km) , drink driving or any other relevant offence. See

Police action

If the police revoke your license you will need to arrange your car to be towed or collected by someone.

When police have issued you with a charge and a field court attendance notice ( often called a Field CAN) , you will be required to attend court and your period of suspensions will remain until the court determine the outcome of your case.

It is at the discretion of the court as to whether they backdate your suspension to commence from either the day at court or from the date of the actual offence.

Immediate suspensions apply for persons charged with offences involving:

  • speeding 30km or over
  • speeding 45km or over
  • drink driving offences
  • negligent driving offence causing injury to a person

Solutions include

From 1 February 2015, the following increased penalties will come into effect for drivers who repeatedly exceed their demerit point limit.

Unrestricted licence holders who exceed their demerit points twice within five years will be required to:

  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test before returning to driving and complete a driver education course such as the Traffic Offender Intervention Program (at the offender’s cost).
  • The driver education course must be delivered by one of the approved providers in NSW: see more at

Apply for a Good behaviour license

You may be eligible for this, however we advise that any penalty you receive while on the good behaviour license will result in a you losing the privilege to drive for a period of time. You must complete this 12 month good behaviour license satisfactorily.

See more below or at

If you have an unrestricted NSW Driver Licence and you received a notice of suspension due to excessive demerit points, you may be eligible to elect a 12-month good behaviour period.

Making an election is voluntary, but if you accrue 2 or more demerit points in the good behaviour period, then the original licence suspension will be re-imposed for twice the original period.

Once you have applied, you cannot withdraw your election. You must apply for it before your suspension is due to begin. Please check the dates on your notice of suspension carefully.

If you have been notified that you are required to pass a driver knowledge test, your licence will be suspended until you pass the test.

You can apply for a good behaviour period online if there are at least 2 business days left before your suspension is due to begin.

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