For clients with a drug problem in custody RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION

For clients with a drug problem in custody RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION, and being released on Bail may be a solution.

You can be released on bail conditions to reside at a full time residential rehabilitation facility if you are found suitable to be on bail and to find a bed.

To get this benefit a few items MUST be met:

1. you require a warrant from a court ( a Magistrate) to be marked for a “drug and alcohol” assessment at the time a person is Bail refused. It helps to have the prosecution agree to this

2. Sydney does not have availability of beds. It must be coordinated with your release and the availability of a bed. The assessment must take place on the phone with the inmate at a set time. The Correctional centre must be made known as to the assessment.

3. Once an inmate has a bail hearing ready and scheduled, a bed must be available at the time to have the inmate released to the facility.

For more information see notes below.


The following procedure needs to be followed:

1. All people in custody need to have had a Drug and Alcohol assessment approved by the court.

2. Once granted, the information is sent through to the facility and given to the Services and Programs Officer

3. The Services and Programs Officer contact us, usually via email: to obtain a time and date for the phone interview.

4. On the agreed day – the correctional centre staff organise for the person to come to the office for the phone call – which usually takes about 45 minutes.


DETOX: Odyssey House – residential medically supervised withdrawal unit – program takes from 7 – 10 days to complete. .

Clients on methadone will need to have reduced methadone dose to 40 mgs or 16 mgs buprenorphine – before being eligible for an assessment. We only offer detox from pharmacotherapies clients cannot enter the Odyssey House Therapeutic Community and remain on methadone or buprenorphine.

REHAB: Odyssey House – Therapeutic Community (TC) residential rehabilitation treatment program takes from 9 to 12 mths to complete. Parents and Children’s Program – is conducted within the TC – will take couples – but both parties need to have a substance dependency issue. We do not admit children over the age of 11. If a shorter program is more suited then people can complete detox and then exit.

Program Costs and other requirements:

Centrelink Benefit – Costs for individuals who are on Centrelink benefits are: 80% benefit and this covers all treatment costs and room and board. Personal needs like haircuts, clothing, medication, cigarettes and other personal items are paid for by the individual.

People who are not eligible for Centrelink, charges are usually $730 per fortnight but can vary – dependent upon age and whether or not you have a Medicare card – costs without a Medicare card on average about $830 per fortnight.

Medicare Card current

Private Health Cover benefits cannot be claimed for Odyssey House services.

Admission Fee – $255.00 non refundable

No Admission Fee payable on day of admission if client coming from in custody – the admission fee will be debited to their account.

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