Drug Possession: Police Searches

The NSW Police have recently cracked down with extra Police Searches for drugs and illicit substances.
Extra forces have been deployed by the Police and the NSW Government, to deter persons from taking drugs at dance parties and “raves”organised around Sydney.

Here is a typical example of how a person can be charged after Police Searches for drug possession.

Case Study

Client charged with  ‘ possess prohibited drug’ under section 10 of the Drug Misuse and Traffic Act NSW 1985 ; maximum penalty 2 years imprisonment in a NSW Local court and/or a fine and/or a bond.

Drug Possession Consequences

You could end up with a permanent criminal record.
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On Saturday 28 November 2015, NSW Police were engaged in ‘Operation E’ within the Sydney Olympic Park.
The NSW Police operation utilised drug detection dogs, operating under the authority of ‘Drug Detection Dog Warrant 2’ issued at Fairfield Local Court
, on Friday 27 November 2015 and coincided with the ‘Xtra Loud’ Music Festival, being held at the Sydney Olympic Park.

  • About 2:15 pm, the accused,Sam, walked in the vicinity of entrance to The Dome, where Drug Detection Dog Handler, Senior Constable R, was patrolling with Drug Detection Dog named ‘Bear’.
  • The Drug Detection Dog gave an indication in the free airspace surrounding the accused.
  • The accused was spoken to by Senior Constable R and cautioned.
  • Police noticed the accused to be extremely nervous, he was sweating and legs were noticeably shaking.
  • The accused was asked if he had any prohibited drugs on his person to which he stated ”No. ”
  • As a result of the accused’s behaviour, he was informed Police had intentions of conducting a search on the accused and subsequently he was conveyed to a designated searching room, where he was submitted to a search.
  • Once inside the designated searching room, the accused has pulled a condom from his anus which was suspected of containing ‘Ecstasy’ or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (or MDMA).
  • The accused has handed the package to Police, before stating is was MDMA.
  • A further search was conducted of the accused, with nothing of interest located.
  • Photographs were taken of the capsules and packaging on a scale weighing 2 grams.
  • The accused participated in a ‘notebook interview’ (in the official police notebook F5) where he made full admissions to possessing the prohibited drug.
  • The accused stated “one was for his girlfriend and one was for himself”
  • The accused was issued Field Court attendance Notice number 11. The drug was sealed in drug bag 7 and entered into “EFIMS” ie “exhibits forensics information and miscellaneous property system”
  • The accused is now charged with the matter before court.

A useful  downloadable PDF Police Search Fact Sheet has been prepared by the ATSILS ( Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Service ( QLD)
More information on X or Ecstasy or MDMA can be found in the PDF from the Dept of Health.

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