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Drug Charges and the Local court

Possess drug charges that could have amounted to a more serious charges

Read this case example on how your simple conversation with police could result in a more serious matter.

This case involves a client who had no criminal record.

All details have been changed in this case example.

About 7.10 pm on Saturday 30th Police were pro actively patrolling the vicinity of x in relation to drug and property related offences. Police observed three males standing outside two stationary vehicle’s being a Black Toyota and Holden.

Police stopped opposite where the three males where standing. Police introduced themselves in accordance with Section 201 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act (LEPRA). The accused said ”Nothing. I just got dropped off from my mum’

Police asked who owned the vehicle’s which the males where standing around.

Police requested for identification off all person’s. Police performed checks on the Toyota and a nearby Holden. Prior to performing checks on the accused and his associates all persons denied any association to the vehicles. Police found this suspicious as the bonnet of the vehicle was warm, indicating it was recently driven and no other person was in the area. Whilst speaking to the accused and his associates, a phone in the vehicle was constantly ringing which Police also found suspicious as no other person was in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Checks on the cars revealed the owner of the vehicle was the accused mother. The accused admitted to owning the Holden and volunteered information to the police by stating he had illegal substances in the car and that he was with his friends about to share the substances. Police formed a reasonable suspicion that the accused may be in possession of an illegal substance or stolen goods. Further to this, Police suspected the accused may be in possession of an illegal substance or stolen goods which may be inside the vehicle.

Police informed the accused that he and his vehicle were going to be searched.

Police opened the boot and located a large re-sealable bag containing dried green vegetable matter.

The accused was arrested, cautioned. Police weighed the drug in the presence of the accused which identified the total drug weight to be 40 grams. The accused was interviewed and made full admissions to the possession of prohibited drug and that it was for personal use.

Police formed a reasonable suspicion that the accused and his associates were in the area to commit drug related offences and were subsequently moved on from the location.

The accused is now charged with the matter before the court.

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