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Are you facing a criminal legal charge? Then you need the experienced team at ETB Legal.

Being charged with a crime is devastating and stressful—and on top of that, you have to navigate the legal system in order to defend yourself. That’s why you need an exceptional criminal lawyer.

When you are looking for Sydney criminal lawyers, look no further than ETB Legal. With our extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law, we are the firm to assist you with defended hearings, jury trials, appeals, bail applications and sentencing matters.

Unlike other criminal lawyers in Sydney, we are 100% focused on criminal law. That means we have detailed knowledge of the most effective ways to defend you—we know how best to approach the magistrates and judges to get a favourable result for you.

Exceptional Sydney Criminal Lawyers

When you need representation in your criminal legal matter, the most important factor is finding one who will deliver the best outcome. We know that your case is unique, and requires a specific strategy.

We provide affordable, expert representation. As a small law firm, we can provide you with the personalised attention your case deserves. Our criminal lawyers are Sydney’s best. NSW-based ETB Legal can represent you in criminal legal matters such as:

Criminal Lawyers Sydney Guarantee

We understand how important your defence is. Whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, we guarantee that:

  • We will prepare a solid defence and thoroughly ready you for court.
  • We will be honest and respectful, and will make sure we earn your trust.
  • We will disclose our fees in an itemised invoice, and will discuss them with you before we engage in the task.
  • We will provide a free initial consult to discuss your case.
  • We will provide 24-hour access and advice directly with your lawyer.

ETB Legal’s Uzma Abbas also does Legal Aid work as an appointed trusted panel member for the Criminal Law team and the Mental Health
Advocacy Service.

Don’t wait another minute to get the legal representation you need. Call the Sydney criminal lawyers who can help. Your first conference is free. Call 0412 915 247 today.

Our advice is that you should  always arrive at court on time – but be prepared to wait.
The good news is that most courts located in Sydney are a very easy walking distance to a train station, as parking is not often easy to find.
See below for details on specific courts

Bankstown Local court

is located at the corner of Chapel Road and the Mall. The court is a busy court as well and services a great many matters including Commonwealth matters.

To get to Bankstown Local court you can drive or walk from the train station. The parking is limited and we recommend you park at the multi story shopping mall car park.

Alternatively getting to Bankstown local court from Bankstown train station is very easy and you can walk to the court house.

There are plenty of places to grab a coffee and some lunch as well as the court is located in the main shopping district of Bankstown.

Closest Train station: Bankstown

Telephone: (02) 9722 6000
Fax: (02) 9722 6060
Street Address: Cnr Chapel Road and The Mall
Postal Address: PO BOX 71

Chapel Rd & Bankstown City Plaza

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Liverpool Local court

is located at 150 George Street Liverpool.

You must attend court at 9.30am unless advised differently by the court or your lawyer.

Parking at Liverpool to attend Liverpool local court can be a hassle. We advise you take public transport as Liverpool local court is located within an easy walking distance between the train station and Liverpool local court.

Liverpool local court is located next to Liverpool library and there are plenty of cafes and shops within easy walking distance. Liverpool local court is within easy walking distance to a street mall and Liverpool Westfield where you can park.

Liverpool town area itself has many of council car parks located within easy distance to the court house.Liverpool local court has 4 courts and usually is a very busy court house. Be prepared to wait for your turn.

Closest Train station: Liverpool

Telephone: (02) 9821 7878
Fax: (02) 9821 7888
Street Address:  150 George Street
Postal Address: PO BOX 3435, Liverpool Westfield
Registry Hours:     9.00AM TO 4.30PM

150 Liverpool Street

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Sutherland Local court

is located at the corner of Flora and Belmont Street in Sutherland

The Sutherland main shopping area itself is a busy hub of shops and businesses as well as plenty of food eateries that are within an easy walking distance of Sutherland local court. The court itself has parking zoned areas within the immediate perimeter of the court house itself. It isn’t always easy to find a parking space but there is a large council car park opposite Sutherland local court that has designated spaces for all day free parking. These spaces are usually filled up by 930am.

Sutherland local court is a very busy court. There are 6 courts and often you are required to attend the Registrars court before you can see a Magistrate. This ensures the court is operating efficiently. You must check the list for your name and go to the correct court accordingly.

Getting to court – Sutherland local court is within walking distance to Sutherland train station. We advise you look up a map before you go to court as the way to the court is not immediately apparent.

Closest Train station: Sutherland

Details for Sutherland Court House
Telephone: (02) 9542 0200
Fax: (02) 9542 0244
Street Address: Cnr Flora & Belmont Streets
Postal Address: PO BOX 37 Sutherland NSW 2232
Registry Hours: 9.00AM TO 4.30PM

Sutherland Court
Cnr Flora & Belmont Streets

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In Summary, ETB Legal attend to:

  • Bail applications (in all Jurisdictions)
  • Mentions, adjournment applications, section 32/33 Mental Health applications
  • Section 4 annulment applications, Appeals
  • Criminal Law matter i.e. Assault/GBH/ABH, assault/resist police, AVO/APVO, ADVO, possess/supply drugs, LEPRA, strictly indictable charges, summary offences
  • all criminal law matters in the Local court, District court , Supreme Court matters.

Uzma Abbas is registered on the Roll of Practitioners for the High Court of Australia.

Don’t wait another minute to get the legal representation you need. Call the Sydney criminal lawyers who can help. Your first conference is free. Call 0412 915 247 today.