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Common information about drivers license matter and drive while suspended

This page can help give you information about your drivers license matter, drive while disqualified, drive while suspended and general information about the state debt recovery office (commonly known as THE SDRO).

UNPAID fines with Sate Debt Recovery Office – those horrible fines we all receive.
Have you been unjustly served with fines that you are not responsible for

If you have incurred a fine with state debt recovery (commonly known as THE SDRO) after selling your car for unpaid fines you have a few options:

1. call / contact your local State NSW office or visit them;
2. write in to the SDRO and use the online page to help you;
3. http://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/lsb/Pages/review-annulment-of-convictions/rem-of-fines-and-driver-lic-disq.aspx
look up this link
The Department of Justice
Office of the General Counsel
Department of Justice
GPO Box 6
Email: enquiries_generalcounsel@justice.nsw.gov.au

Remission of fines and driver licence disqualifications
The Governor of New South Wales has the power to remit fines through the exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy. The Attorney General may recommend to the Governor that a person be relieved of his/her liability for the payment of outstanding fines.
What if I cannot afford to pay my outstanding fines and they have been referred to the State Debt Recovery Office for enforcement?
The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) has the power under section 101 of the Fines Act 1996 (the Act) to ‘write-off’ any unpaid fines. The Treasurer administers the Act and all enquiries about time to pay, write-off applications or the deferral of fines must be made to the SDRO direct.
Can the Attorney General consider the remission of my outstanding fines?
Yes, but only after an application to ‘write-off’ unpaid fines has been made and considered by the Treasurer/SDRO.
Who do I write to if I want my fines remitted?
An application for the ‘write-off’ of any unpaid fines should be made in writing to:

The Director
State Debt Recovery Office
PO Box A2571
Telephone inquiries concerning the ‘write-off’ of unpaid fines should be directed to the SDRO on 1300 655 805.

I recently had a client who was an elderly pensioner who sold his car and due to the errors of the RMS, his registration details were still attached to the car that he no longer had possession of. The new owner of the car manage to rack up quite a few parking fines and the fines were sent to my client. My client had very little ability to remember the details of the sale, and felt he wasn’t able to discuss his problem with anyone.

Sadly the nature of government organisations like RMS and State debt (SDRO) are that you cannot simply call and speak with someone. You need to operate online.

Consequences of delaying resolution:
Please remember – RESOLVE your fine as soon as possible
The danger of accruing a debt from unpaid fines is that you can be disqualified or have your driver’s license cancelled causing you to drive during a period of suspension. Please check if you have been suspended from driving by checking in with your local State NSW Office
The links for these offices is at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre

Another risk of not resolving your fines is that the SDRO can increase the cost of your fine by adding a penalty.

Have your say at court
Remember you may need to elect to go to court if you have no resolved the matter with the State. You must elect within 28 days or risk losing the opportunity to go to court and have you say.
Electing to go to court can result in paying an additional court fee (usually less than $100.00) so you need to be sure if you wish to go to court.

If you cannot afford to pay a fine

You can elect to have the fines dealt with my payments made in instalment ie. $20.00 per fortnight. This arrangement must be formally made through the SDRO who arrange to garnish the payment from your chosen account.

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