Been sentenced in the District court for a criminal matter

Appeal steps

  1. If you havebeen sentenced in the District court for a criminal matter – this is a brief overview of how to lodge an appeal
  2. Be mindful of the 28 days you have to lodge the appeal ( it is still possible to lodge an appeal outside 28 days provided you can show reasons for the delay)

Running an APPEAL in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal , Supreme Court NSW .

  1.  Please fill out the attached form and submit is ASAP to
    You will need to know the name of the Judge, the date of sentence, which District court ? Parramatta, Campbelltown? Sydney , Newcastle?
    and he what type of appeal?? a severity appeal , a all grounds appeal, a conviction appeal?
  2. ONCE step 1 is done – you need to ensure the Notice of Intention to Appeal or a Notice of Intention for Leave to Appeal was lodged in respect of this matter.  You have six months from that date to file your actual appeal with this Court.  If you do not do that within six months, the notice of intention will expire. If further time to prepare the appeal is required, the court may consider an extension. You will need to file an application to the court with the reasons why you should be granted an extension.

You should apply to the Completed Crimes Section of the Supreme Court ( for a copy of any exhibits and relevant transcripts held on the court file.

If you intend to apply for legal aid, you should apply immediately to the Legal Aid Commission, PO Box K847 Haymarket NSW 1238.  If you had legal aid in the lower court, you will still need to apply for legal aid again for your appeal.

If you already have legal representation and you have not already notified the Court of who will be representing you, you should do so within the next three weeks.

Useful contact details:
Crime, CCA-NIA and Bails | Supreme Court of New South Wales
 Law Courts Building, Queens Square, 184 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000
GPO Box 3 Sydney NSW 2001 | Tel: 1300 679 272

OR google NSW Court of Criminal Appeal

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