Woman murdered by Husband despite having an AVO

Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (AVO)



An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an Order made by a court against a person who makes you fear for your safety, to protect you from further violence, intimidation or harassment. All Apprehended Violence Orders made by the court prohibit the person who is causing these fears from assaulting, harassing, threatening, stalking, or intimidating you. Other conditions can be included.

The person you fear, known as the defendant, must obey the Order made by the court. You can contact the police to help you apply for an Order, or you can contact your Local Court or Legal Aid NSW for assistance. There are two types of Apprehended Violence Orders:

1. Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO)

An Apprehended Domestic Violence Order is made where the people involved are related, living together or in an intimate relationship, or have previously been in this situation. In the case of an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander, Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders can also be made where the people involved are part of the kin or extended family of the other person. Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders are also available to people who are or have been in a dependent care arrangement with another person, including paid carers, and to people living in the same residential facility.

2. Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO)

An Apprehended Personal Violence Order is made where the people involved are not related and do not have a domestic relationship, for example, they are neighbours or work together.

More information is available at this link or a Legal Aid office



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