A Complete Guide about Drink Driving in NSW

For drivers in Australia, there is a mid range drink driving NSW law in place. This is to make sure that all vehicle drivers adhere to the law against drink-driving. The disadvantages of drink driving are disastrous, and this is why the punishments for breaking this rule is a severe one. It is stated that the human body can only process a limited amount of pure alcohol at a time, and thus the quantity of alcohol in the body must not exceed 10 grams or 12.5 ml in the body, because even at this quantity, it would still take the body about one hour to process this.

Keeping Track of Quantity of Alcohol in The Body

This is very difficult to do by just anybody because alcohol comes in various concentrations and contents as well as serving size. Also, there are a whole lot of body factors to consider, the natural human factors like the size of the body, the age of an individual, gender, the individual’s mood and body stress, which would tend to have an effect on how the body processes the quantity of alcohol. But the innovation of a procedure to easily calculate the alcohol body content has been designed and proves to be quite effective. This procedure is known as drink wise standard calculator. Although it has to be stated that this procedure should not solely be relied on to predict the quantity of alcohol present in an individual’s blood. Overall the best way to keep track of the body alcohol level is to get yourself familiar with your favorite alcohol beverage and always drink in moderation.

How to Know a Standard Alcohol Drink

This is easy in Australia, as all of the manufacturing companies of these alcohol beverages must show the limit. Every bottle and can must have a label that would contain the specified number of standard drinks.

Effects of Alcohol on Driving

This can never be overstated, and that is why time is always taken to explain to new drivers why they must not drink and drive. Below are some stated effects that alcohol has on a drunk driver

  • Reduced ability of the driver to anticipate the movement of other vehicles, and also the poor judgment of the speed of the car and the distance to cover
  • Overconfidence to take unnecessary risks that can put the life of the driver at risk
  • Loss of coordination and concentration
  • Slow to react to rapid scenarios on the road
  • Blurry visions that include the inability to see the road ahead clearly, this may lead to running into obstacles resulting in accidents

It is advised that if it is necessary for the driver to drink, other persons should handle the vehicle, or other means of transportation, such as public buses and trains should be taken to get to the destination. If all of these are not an option, then the driver should stay at a designated place or a friend’s place till the alcohol completely wears off to avoid mid range drink driving NSW offence.

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